About SRM Spokane

We're bringing more than 30 years of experience inland, to serve Eastern Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

Since 2004 the physicians of Seattle Reproductive Medicine have brought many babies into the world. The staff and medical experts of SRM listen carefully to their greatest source of inspiration - their patients - to continue fine-tuning fertility care. The results have attracted patients from all over the world.

Now, SRM Spokane will make quality fertility care even more accessible to patients seeking reproductive assistance to build their families.

Why Choose SRM?

Our reproductive endocrinologists are nationally-recognized industry leaders, receiving high marks from patients and colleagues alike.  SRM Physicians have served as President of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the field’s preeminent professional organization, President of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, the primary standard-setting organization in the United States, as well as leadership positions within both entities.

Our decades of experience and conscious dedication to our patients’ feedback has resulted in fertility treatment protocols that combine the best of scientific and holistic knowledge.

Every proven service is offered at SRM, including SRM Spokane:

  • The latest techniques and facilities for IVF, genetic screening, surgical services, egg freezing, and more
  • Counseling, acupuncture, and nutritional education

Our reproductive endocrinologists are carefully selected to have a strong academic foundation with extensively varied areas of expertise.

  • The SRM team is made up of active contributors to research in and development of reproductive medicine techniques.
  • The team focus continues to be centered around the patient and family, with their safety and health the top priority.